Little Fish Brewing – Beer Archive

This is a history of every beer ever brewed at Little Fish Brewing Company. We are constantly improving our recipes, creating new recipes, brewing interesting one-off beers, and collaborating with friends. Have a look!

Port Barrel Maker of Things

Foeder-aged sour red ale, finished in tawny port barrels
ABV: 8.8 %
Available In: Asset 4 Asset 3

Quarry Hill Kriek

Barrel Aged Sour blond ale with Ohio sweet cherries.
ABV: 6.5 %
Available In: Asset 3

Essential Thiols

Hazy Imperial I.P.A. with Mosaic, Simcoe, and Pink Boots blend hops. Gluten Reduced

Hazy Imperial I.P.A
ABV: 8.3 %
Available In: Asset 3

Change is the only Constant

Barrel aged sour blond ale with strawberries
ABV: 6 %
Available In: Asset 3

Stabby Cat

Hazy IPA with pink boots blend hops, pineapple, habaneros, & lactose. Gluten Reduced.

Collaboration with the women & non binary members of our Little Fish crew. A portion of the proceeds go to the Survivor Advocacy Program!

Hazy I.P.A. with Habaneros
ABV: 6.4 %
Available In: Asset 3

Orrery of Semi-Precious Stones

Barrel-aged sour ale with black currants, raspberries, and blackberries.

Barrel Aged Sour Ale
ABV: 7.9 %
Available In: Asset 4 Asset 3

Dear Science

Hazy IPA with Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe, Falconer’s Flight, and a CRISP- modified, especially tropical yeast.

Hazy I.P.A.
ABV: 6.3 %

Monkey Trap

Coconut Porter

Coconut Porter
ABV: 5.6 %
Available In: Asset 3

Every Day, Give Yourself a Present

Bourbon barrel-aged coffee-vanilla milk stout.

Bourbon Barrel-aged Stout
ABV: 14 %

Estate I.P.A. 2020

100% Ohio-grown IPA with fresh hops from our arbor! Gluten Reduced

ABV: 7.3 %

Couch Session

100% Ohio-grown brown ale.

Brown Ale
ABV: 4.5 %
Available In: Asset 3

FERM 2200

FERM 2200: dry-hopped grisette (wheat saison), bottle & keg conditioned with Brettanomyces. We brewed this beer in collaboration with the students of Hocking College’s “Fermentation 2200” class on March 27th, 2020. We really let them take the reins on this recipe, and they conceptualized a brew that spoke to us as brewers & lovers of simple, elegant Belgian-style beers.
ABV: 4.8 %
Available In: Asset 4 Asset 3

Mask up, Yo!

100% Ohio-grown Bavarian-Style Hefeweizen. Thank you for wearing a mask; you are helping save lives! (It is legally required at the brewery unless you are seated at your table, FYI).

100% Ohio-grown Hefeweizen
ABV: 5.5 %

Gods, Wasps, and Stranglers

Barrel-aged sour brown ale refermented on Turkish Figs. Named for / inspired by the eloquent and informative book of the same name by Mike Shanahan.

Sour Bruin with Turkish Figs
ABV: 8 %

Green Bridge I.P.A.

A supremely drinkable, classic American I.P.A., brewed with Ohio-grown malts, and PNW hops (Falconer’s Flight & Simcoe). Named for the classic Athens-area summer swim spot of yore.

American I.P.A.
ABV: 6.2 %


Silver medal winner: Fruited wood-and-barrel aged sour, 2020 Great American Beer Festival.

Cleft is a blend of 3 distinct sour blond ale barrels, aged for an average of 19 months in oak. Refermented on 3 pounds per gallon of Ohio peaches from Hirsch Farms. Light and lambic-esque, with a vibrant peach radiance.

Barrel aged sour blond ale with peaches
ABV: 6.25 %

Chocolate Fetish

A very small-batch treatment of Bourbon Barrel Batch 300, conditioned on pure cacao & vanilla. Available in very small quantities for a limited time!

Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout with Cacao & Vanilla
ABV: 14 %

Sticky Comfort

100% Ohio-grown, maple syrup maibock collaboration with our good friend Vaughn Stewart, owner/head brewer of Bookhouse Brewing in Cleveland, Ohio. A range of barley malts from West Branch Malts & Haus Malts, Cascade hops from Barn Talk Hops, and extra-dark maple syrup from two Athens-area producers: Sticky Pete’s & Colde Comfort Farm.

100% Ohio-Grown Maibock Lager with Maple Syrup
ABV: 7.1 %

People Power Beer

Hazy I.P.A. hopped with Galaxy, Cashmere, Mosaic, and Sabro hops. ***10% of all proceeds go to support the American Civil Liberties Union, in their fight to strengthen & protect voters’ rights for everyone in the U.S.!

Hazy I.P.A.
ABV: 6.5 %

Bourbon Barrel Batch 300

Introducing Bourbon Barrel Batch 300: a celebration of our 300th brew at Little Fish and our very first barrel aged imperial stout. Brewed with Ohio base malts, and aged for 11 months in Ohio wheated bourbon barrels from Middle West Spirits.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
ABV: 15.65 %