Little Fish Beer Archive: Every beer we have ever brewed

This is a history of every beer ever brewed at Little Fish Brewing Company. We are constantly improving our recipes, creating new recipes, brewing interesting one-off beers, and collaborating with friends. Have a look!

Shirt Brothers

Hazy I.P.A.

Shirt Brothers is mashed with our “standard” Hazy I.P.A. grist of Ohio barley, wheat, and oats, plus a little carapils and flaked oats. It’s hopped in a “cool” 175 Fahrenheit whirlpool with Azacca and Cryo-Pop blend, and after fermentation, dry-hopped with Cryo-Pop, Simcoe, and Ekuanot. Fermented with Omega’s “Helio Gazer”, thiolized British ale strain.

Flavor Profile: Ripe, punchy aroma full ... Read More

Hazy I.P.A.
ABV: 6.5 %

No Good Car Ideas

Hoppy S.M.a.S.H. Beer

Another one-off hoppy beer with a name referencing one of our favorite sketch shows. If you know the show, you’re in the cool club ; ) .

“No Good Car Ideas” is a Single Malt and Single Hop ale: mashed with only Haus Malts Ohio-grown pilsner malt, and hopped in the kettle (and dry hop) with a hop that’s ... Read More

Hoppy S.M.a.S.H Beer
ABV: 5 %

FV-5 I.P.A.

Hazy I.P.A. brewed in our only fermenter without glycol jackets (FV-5), with the only yeast capable of making clean-tasting ale at 90+ degrees Fahrenheit: kveik. The strain of kveik we prefer for Hazy I.P.A. is “Espe”, which produces a “fruit cup” ester profile that compliments classic juicy / hazy hops.

Mashed with a base of Haus pale and wheat malts, plus ... Read More

Hazy I.P.A.
ABV: 6.5 %

She / They / Her / Them

Blonde ale with Turkish bay leaves

She / They / Her / Them is our 2023 International Women’s Day beer. The women and non-binary co-workers at Little Fish (Athens & Dayton) designed and brewed this beer, but it was largely conceptualized and led by Renée Noll, our first female brewer at Little Fish. We’d like to wish Renée all the best, ... Read More

Blonde ale with Turkish bay leaves
ABV: 5.7 %

Coolship Regatta

Traditional-process sour blonde ale

In the spring of 2019, the crew of Jackie O’s and Little Fish slipped on their boat shoes and brewed a very traditional wort, consisting of the finest Ohio two-row malted barley, organic Ohio Red Fife wheat, and a combination of attic-aged and traditionally-dried hops.

After cooling overnight in the Little Fish’s coolship, sails unfurled in ... Read More

Traditional-process sour blonde ale
ABV: 6.5 %

Estate #7

Estate #7 is our FIRST EVER batch of sour beer produced with estate wildflower honey, from our beehives, just footsteps away from our brewery doors. This beer came from a single American oak barrel of sour blond ale that was 4 incredible years old. In 2020, we added a modest amount of strawberries and blackberries to that barrel, but it ... Read More

sour blonde ale with strawberries, blackberries, and estate honey
ABV: 6.5 %

Short Daze I.P.A.

Winter White I.P.A.

A hazy beer with a wintery twist: First off, it’s mashed with our go-to base of Ohio-grown & malted barley, wheat, and oats, but with a much higher percentage of wheat, for an extra-light appearance and soft, fluffy mouthfeel.

Hopped in the kettle with Falconer’s Flight, and lightly spiced with fresh-cut ginger and ground coriander.

Fermented with our preferred thiolized-hazy ... Read More

Winter White I.P.A.
ABV: 6.4 %
Available In: Asset 3

Apple Brandy Barrel Maker Of Things

Apple Brandy Barrel Maker of Things, as of November 2022, has only been released once, exclusively to the Wild & Local League, our barrel-aged beer society. In October 2022, this beer won a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival for Wood & Barrel-Aged Sour Beer.

Maker of Things is our flagship sour red ale, and after aging for years ... Read More

Sour red ale aged in an oak foeder & apple brandy barrel.
ABV: 9.5 %
Available In: Asset 4 Asset 3

Estate Wet Hop Pale Ale (2022)

We brewed this very balanced, old-school pale ale with fresh, wet hops from our hop arbor, just steps outside our brewery in Athens Ohio. The malts used were Haus Malts pale, honey, and caramel 90. Bittering hops were Auburn Acres Triple Pearl & Comet. Towards the end of the boil, we added over 30 pounds of fresh ... Read More

Pale Ale with estate wet hops
ABV: 5.3 %
Available In: Asset 3

Estate Wet Hop Pils (2022)

100% Ohio-grown Kellerpils (unfiltered pilsner) brewed with fresh, wet hops (Cascade, Riwaka, and Chinook) from our hop arbor at our Athens brewery. The malt is Ohio pilsner from Haus Malts. Also includes a bittering charge of Auburn Acres Triple Pearl hops. Fermented with our house lager strain.

Flavor Profile: Clean and lightly sweet pilsner malt aroma, with herbal hops. Crisp ... Read More

100% Ohio-grown pilsner with estate wet hops
ABV: 5.6 %
Available In: Asset 3

Te Araroa

Hazy I.P.A. brewed with a base of Ohio malts, and New Zealand hops (Nectaron, Rakau, Nelson Sauvin). Named for New Zealand’s equivalent of the Appalachian Trail (pronounced “Tee Ar-ah-Roh-ah”)

Flavor Profile: Citrus, tropical fruit, and light grassy aroma. Juicy hop flavor with some of the classic sauvignon blanc grape character or Nelson Sauvin. Fluffy and light malt body.

Hazy I.P.A.
ABV: 7.4 %
Available In: Asset 3

Sherry Barrel Maker of Things

Barrel-aged sour red ale

This variant of Maker of Things, our foeder-aged, mixed-culture sour red ale, was further aged in a single American sherry barrel for over 2 years. It’s really good. The oak character is awesome and the sherry oxidation softens the sourness somewhat.

8.5% ABV, not gluten reduced

Barrel-aged Sour red ale
ABV: 8.5 %
Available In: Asset 4

Misty Step

For all our love of Belgian beer, we haven’t explored abbey ale brewing at Little Fish all that much. Misty Step is our first crack at a Belgian dubbel: Mashed with Ohio malts plus some Sinamar for color, hopped lightly with American-noble hybrid hops, and spiced lightly some of our favorites: lemon peel, corainder, and grains of paradise. Fermented with ... Read More

Belgian Dubbel
ABV: 7 %
Available In: Asset 3

Pinche Guey

“Pinche Guey” is a Mexican Spanish expression that is sort of an “affectionate insult” to a buddy. It’s also the name of our Mexican hot chocolate, spirit barrel-aged stout. 2022’s blend is composed of the same threads of imperial stout as Moonville 2022, but at different ratios, and is then infused in the blending tank with whole cacao nibs, whole ... Read More

spirit barrel-aged Mexican chocolate imperial stout
ABV: 12 %
Available In: Asset 4 Asset 3

Picture This

Picture This is a fun little pale ale brewed with a base of Ohio malts, hopped in the kettle with Michigan Cashmere, and fermented with a kveik strain. Dry-hopped with Rakau and Mosaic Cryo. A one-off brew? We’ll see!

Pale ale
ABV: 5.4 %
Available In: Asset 3

Moonville Stout – 2022 blend

Moonville Stout is our annual-ish blend of bourbon & spirit barrel-aged imperial stout. 2022 saw the blending of a bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout, and a rye whiskey barrel-aged imperial milk stout.

This beer is inspired by the lore of the “haunted” Moonville train tunnel, a local legend in the historical mining town of Moonville, in the Zaleski State Forest. Dare ya ... Read More

Bourbon & rye barrel-aged imperial stout
ABV: 12 %
Available In: Asset 4 Asset 3

They Go Low, We Go High

Collaboration with our good friends at Seventh Son Brewing, and a fundraiser for Women Have Choices Ohio, funding abortion access in these uncertain times.

This 100% Ohio-grown beer is, loosely, a Finnish-style sahti (a farmhouse ale brewed with copious amounts of whole juniper branches). Ours is a bit lower in alcohol than your typical sahti, but that’s farmhouse mentality for ya. ... Read More

ABV: 5.7 %
Available In: Asset 3

The Orchestra Question

New I.P.A.! Maybe a one-off? More West Coasty than Hazy…but also pretty hazy. Mashed with Ohio barley and hopped with CTZ & Simcoe in the kettle. Fermented with thiolized hazy yeast. Hopped in the kettle and dry-hopped with Simcoe and Zappa. (The name is a reference from the Frank Zappa movie “200 Motels”, if you were wondering.)


Flavor Profile: Tropical fruit ... Read More

ABV: 6.9 %
Available In: Asset 3

Kvass de Piquette – Blackberry

Kvass de Piquette takes its inspiration from 2 non-beer beverages: Kvass, a lightly-fermented, bread-based beverage from Eastern Europe, and Piquette, a low-alcohol wine made by rehydrating an already-pressed grape must.

It’s a truly locally sourced, farmhouse table beer, mashed with Haus Malts Ohio pilsner & spelt malts, and over 100 pounds of house-baked sourdough bread per 10 barrel batch. It’s hopped ... Read More

Kvass - inspired mixed ferm beer with blackberries
ABV: 3.7 %
Available In: Asset 4 Asset 3

Spruce Crispy

100% Ohio-grown, rustic amber lager with oats & estate spruce tips.

***This just in!: 2023 marks the first year that the spruce trees we planted just footsteps outside our brewery door in Athens, Ohio were big enough (about 10 feet high) to provide us with all the spruce tips (20 pounds) we needed for our annual spruce tip brew! That’s a ... Read More

100% Ohio-grown, rustic amber lager with oats & estate spruce tips.
ABV: 6.7 %