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Bourbon Barrel Batch 300

Introducing Bourbon Barrel Batch 300: a celebration of our 300th brew at Little Fish and our very first barrel aged imperial stout. Brewed with Ohio base malts, and aged for over 9 months in Ohio wheated bourbon barrels from Middle West Spirits.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
ABV 13.5 %

Down Bathyscope

Exploring the liquid depths of oak, this puncheon-lagered pilsner was brewed with German pilsner malt & Czech Saaz hops, fermented in the low 50’s, and lagered in 2 Italian Barolo puncheons for 3 months.

Oak Lagered Pilsner
ABV 5.5 %

Beach Bummer

Bring the beach to your home with a tropical escape into this quick-sour with lactose, pineapple, passion fruit, guava, and toasted coconut.

Quick-Sour Ale
ABV 5.5 %

House Slippers

Hazy I.P.A. brewed with lactose sugar for extra body and a slight sweetness. Hopped with Mosaic, Sabro, Simcoe, and Equinox. Smoother than a pair of fur-lined house slippers.

Hazy I.P.A. / Lactose I.P.A.
ABV 6.7 %


“Homey” is our kvass-inspired, “light” sour ale. Kvass is a fermented bread drink that originates from Eastern Europe. It is usually less than 1% alcohol by volume, which is why we prefer to call this a “kvass-inspired” instead of just “kvass”.*

Homey is mashed with Ohio-grown pilsner malt, and over a hundred pounds of bread that we bake in-house.

It ... Read More

Kvass-inspired sour ale
ABV 3.3 %

Armitage Road Field Blend

Armitage Road Field Blend was named for the art of field blending wine: where blending is done by tasting different grape varietals in the field, and fermenting them together. In this spirit, we crafted this beer from fruits within our immediate reach. The base beer is a single barrel of sour blond, fermented for 24 months in American oak. To this, ... Read More

Barrel aged sour ale with plumcots & blueberries
ABV 6.5 %

The Good is the Enemy of the Great

As brewers of barrel-aged sour beers, we achieve consistency by blending multiple oak barrels of mature sour beer into each batch of finished beer. But sometimes, we need to exercise the wisdom and restraint of keeping a particularly tasty, unique barrel to itself, so that it will not be lost in the blend. In this spirit, we bring you this ... Read More

Sour Blond Ale Aged in a White Wine Barrel
ABV 7.8 % Available In

Folding Space

“We brewed this beer with our fellow cosmonaut, Chris Davison, of Wolf’s Ridge Brewing, back in January of 2018. After 19 months of interstellar travel – the last three months on raspberries – it has now arrived at its destination. Enjoy.”

Sour Black Ale with Raspberries
ABV 8 % Available In

Coffee Vanilla Double Harvey’s

Imperial milk stout infused with Ridge Runner coffee and whole vanilla beans.

Imperial Stout
ABV 10.5 %


Belgian-style “Quad”. Our non-spiced answer to the call for a holiday/winter ale.

Belgian Quad
ABV 9.6 %