100% Ohio-grown, mixed culture saison
Saison du Day-Ton (pronounced say-ZOHN dew day-TOHN) is our first beer to be fermented and packaged at our Dayton mixed-culture fermentation space & restaurant. This is a tart and funky, bone dry, refreshing farmhouse ale, brewed with some of our favorite ingredients from Ohio: malted barley, wheat, and oats from Haus Malts, hops from Auburn Acres & Ohio Valley Hops, and wildflower honey.
Tasting notes: Moderate Brett funk and acidity, soft body, light honey flavor provides a sweet impression, but the beer is extremely dry. Great balance.
6.4% ABV, not gluten reduced
100% Ohio-Grown, mixed-culture saison ABV 6.4 %Available In Asset 4 Asset 3