100% Ohio-Grown, dry-hopped pilsner.

A collab with our friends at Wandering Monsters Brewery: This Ohio-grown pilsner showcases some of the best of what our home state has to offer in terms of malted barley and hops. The name is a tribute to the farmers, malters and hop processors that made this beer possible: Rustic Brew Farm grows and malts their own barley (and other grains) in Marysville Ohio. They provided the 100% pilsner malt base for this beer. Auburn Acres Hops grew & processed the Comet hops that went into every stage of the boil and the dry hop. These hops have a wonderful white grape / grapefruit note, similar to New Zealand Nelzon Sauvin. Ohio Valley Hops grew & processed the Crystal hops, which went into the late hop, whirlpool, and dry hop additions. Their Crystal has a classic noble hop profile, not unlike German Hallertauer, but with a touch more fruit & citrus. It all comes together in a flavorful and super-drinkable pale lager that we could drink all day.

Tasting notes: White grape and citrus aromas with a sweet, lightly grassy malt background. Hoppy for a lager, with a healthy bitterness that is never overbrearing. Clean-finishing lager with a lot of character.

4.5% abv, gluten-reduced.


100% Ohio-grown, dry-hopped pilsner ABV 4.5 %Available In Asset 3