Dear Friends and Family,


We hope you are all healthy and happy in this strange and difficult time. We have been taking things one step at a time here, trying to adapt to this crisis as best we can, and now we are entering a new phase: Re-opening to the public, to some extent.


As of Wednesday, May 20th, the patio will re-open. That’s the good news. We have put a lot of thought into how to do this as safely as possible for our employees, and for you. We fully realize that this will not be the full Little Fish experience that you have been missing, and we’re truly sorry that it can’t be right now. But at least we can have you here. At least we can see your faces, talk and chat and serve you great beer and food.


We have planned out a very detailed protocol for how we will operate in this time, and we’d like to go over the nuts & bolts of this with all of you right now. This isn’t how we want to be open, it isn’t how we want to interact with you. But it’s necessary for everyone’s safety. It’s necessary to make you all feel comfortable drinking and eating here. Little Fish will not be nearly as kid-friendly (or as dog-friendly) as it would be in other times. We hope that you will understand that, and that you will help us out by abiding by all the rules when you are here.


OK, so here are the basics of how things will work for now, and most likely throughout the summer:


  • Only the patio will be open for now. Carryout and Delivery will still be available. All transactions, for pickup or here, will take place outside. We will only accept credit cards, for reasons of sanitation.
  • Only one credit card transaction per table will be allowed, in order to limit physical contact with the server. We cannot split checks. Guests will have to work out settling up on their own.
  • An automatic 18% gratuity will be added to all checks.
  • The patio tables will be reservable in 2 hour blocks on Eventbrite. There will be a reservation fee, which covers our expenses for the extra labor we have with this new system, and the extra compostable disposables, etc. Reservations can be made in 1.75 hour blocks for $10 per table. If guests would like to stay longer, they can purchase an additional block (in advance or at their time of stay if it is available). If 2 blocks are reserved back-to-back, the reserved time will be 3.75 hours total.
  • The link to purchase a reservation is here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/little-fish-brewing-co-picnic-pavilion-table-reservation-1hr-45min-tickets-105820838978?aff=ebdssbdestsearch
  • 6 guests can comfortably sit at a table, so that is our recommended number per table. But you can fit up to 8 if you are willing to squeeze. However, everyone must be at the table. No extra chairs on the end (unless there is a handicapped person that needs to sit at the end).
  • All guests will have to stay at their table for the duration of their stay. We know, this sucks, and we are truly sorry, but again, it’s for safety. If you smoke, you’ll have to smoke at the table, or in your car in the parking lot. Other than using the restroom or throwing away trash, everyone must remain seated.
  • Kids must stay at their tables, and dogs are not allowed at this time.
  • The green space is not open for walking around, smoking, playing, or anything else.
  • Orders will be placed with a server outside, and all of your food and drinks will be brought to you by the server. We will use 100% compostable “glassware”, plates and utensils.
  • All guests will have to bus their own tables at the end of their stay. All guests will need to check out at the appointed time, in order to give us time to clean & sanitize the table for the next group.
  • Everyone must wear a mask when entering the building. If you do not have a mask, we will provide one.
  • When you are reserving a table online, you will be asked to read & agree to our safety policy.
  • It is highly recommended that people reserve a table through eventbrite, but if you want to come and see if a table is open, that’s fine. There will still be a $10 fee for the reservation.


Thank you for reading over our policy, for understanding the reasoning behind why it is in place, and for remembering that we are all involved in a team effort to minimize the damage caused by COVID-19.


Cheers, much love,

Sean, Jimmy, and the entire Little Fish Crew