Woodthrush is named for the Wood Thrush, whose birdsong is evocative of the lush and shady deciduous forests of Southeast Ohio. It’s a malty but dry farmhouse ale with a light spicing of coriander, lemon peel, and grains of paradise. Woodthrush is mashed with a base of Ohio pale, Vienna, and Munich malts, as well as malted wheat (from Haus Malts), and a touch of Briess “caramel 80”. Bittering hops are subject to change. We ferment it with our house blend of saison yeast strains.

Flavor Profile: Fruity saison esters, bready, light sweetness, light pepper & clove. Dry finish, highly drinkable.

Farmhouse biere de garde ABV 6.5 %Available In Asset 3