100% Ohio-Grown Blonde Ale

This rustic and pilsnery blonde ale, with a touch of kveik yeast fruitiness, was brewed with only agricultural ingredients from our state. The following credits go to the folks who made batch 1 of “What a Crop!” possible:

The 2-row Scala barley was grown by Sam Yarian, and then made its way to our friends at Haus Malts, where it was turned into pale malt, and a little bit of dextrin malt.

The hops are all grown by friends. It’s mostly Crystal all the way through the boil, grown at Ohio Valley Hops, by Dave Volkman. There’s also a bit of Triple Pearl for bittering, grown by Jeff & Sherri Bailey of Auburn Acres hops.

Flavor Profile: A clean, crisp, and very drinkable blonde ale, with clean malt flavor and a restrained hoppiness. Moderate bitterness and residual sweetness. Just a great, simple beer.

5.6% ABV, gluten reduced.

100% Ohio-Grown Blonde Ale ABV 5.6 %