Belgian-style Witbier.

We cribbed the name “Thunder Bunny” from a hiking trail in Athens, but the name seemed great for a soft beer that is certainly not weak in ABV.

Thunder Bunny is brewed with Haus Malts Ohio 2-row barley & malted wheat, plus some flaked oats. In the kettle, it’s hopped sparingly, and spiced with curacao orange peel, coriander, and chamomile. We ferment this beer with “Jovaru” farmhouse yeast from Omega Yeast, which provides light fruit notes and subtle spicy phenols.

Flavor Profile: Light citrus aroma, subtle vanilla notes. Soft, wheaty flavor, very low bitterness, light tartness. Spices are low and complimentary, not dominating. Fluffy mouthfeel and medium body, smooth finish.

5.5% ABV,

Belgian style Witbier ABV 6 %