“Reinheitsgewhat!?” is a series of beers inspired by German Berliner weisse. However, it leaves the malt-hops-water-yeast constrictions of the Reinheitsgebot behind. We actually use no hops, but rely on acidity and interesting herbs or spices to provide a counterbalance to the beer’s sweetness. Many, but not all, contain fruit.

This batch was brewed with strawberry and rhubarb puree, as well as chamomile, coriander, and grains of paradise. It is tart, but we shy away from the word “sour”, in respect to the long-aging barrel aged sour beers that we love so much. It contains mixed bacteria and wild yeast cultures, but it did not spend any time in barrels, rather conditioning in the bottle for an extended time.

Tart wheat ale with strawberries and rhubarb ABV 5 %