Pineapple-Habanero-Lactose Hazy I.P.A.

Stabby Cat was first conceptualized and brewed as our International Women’ Day Brew in 2021, but we loved the results and decided to keep this beer as a semi-regular offering.

Stabby Cat starts with a mash of mostly Ohio grains including malted barley, wheat, and oats. It’s hopped in the kettle with the best “hazy hops” we have (including the annual “Pink Boots Blend” when we can get it). We also add lactose (milk-derived sugar) during the boil.

We ferment Stabby with our preferred hazy yeast, a thiolized British-derived ale yeast called “Helio Gazer” from Omega Yeast. Towards the end of fermentation, we add LOTS of pineapple puree, and a secondary fermentation proceeds. Then it’s dry-hopped.

After cold-crashing and moving to a bright tank, we add freshly hand-cut & de-seeded habanero peppers. The de-seeding is key to getting the proper amount of pepper flavor and aroma, while keeping the heat manageable.

A portion of the proceeds of every batch of Stabby Cat goes to the Survivor Advocacy Outreach Program, an Athens organization supporting survivors of sexual assault & domestic abuse.

Flavor Profile: Big juicy aroma of pineapple and a melange of other tropical fruits. Habanero aroma is evident. Heat level admittedly varies somewhat batch to batch due to the varying heat of habeneros we get. This batch released on 1/30/23 is on the spicier side. The base beer is smooth with a balanced bitterness, juicy hops, and a lush pineapple flavor. Lactose increases body, but this beer isn’t sweet. Finish is warming and invites another sip.


Pineapple-Habanero-Lactose Hazy I.P.A. ABV 6.5 %