Beechwood-smoked light lager.

Smoked Helles is a crisp, light lager with a moderate to intense (depending on your tolerance level) beechwood smoke character. The smoke comes from Weyermann beechwood-smoked malt, which makes up 40% of the grist (the rest is standard pilsner malt). It’s hopped with a light dose of noble hops, and fermented to dryness with our preferred house lager strain.

Smoke character, especially in a light beer, can be quite a surprise to folks who aren’t already fans of smoked beers. If you love smoked beer, you’ll appreciate it. If not, give it time; it might really grow on you, like it did us!

Flavor profile: Aroma is smoke-forward, and the smoke presents as reminiscent of smoked ham (because beechwood is often used for just that purpose). Clean lager profile with a lightly sweet aroma. Flavor: clean, crisp lager all the way through, with a savory smoke that lasts from the beginning to the end. Hop bitterness is low, finish is very clean with a light sweetness.

5.3% ABV, gluten reduced.

Beechwood Smoked Lager ABV 5.3 %