Blonde ale with Turkish bay leaves

She / They / Her / Them is our 2023 International Women’s Day beer. The women and non-binary co-workers at Little Fish (Athens & Dayton) designed and brewed this beer, but it was largely conceptualized and led by Renée Noll, our first female brewer at Little Fish. We’d like to wish Renée all the best, as she is now in the process of moving on to a new adventure, living in New Orleans! Thanks for all your contributions to Little Fish, Renée, and for the continual great energy you brought to work every day.

She / Her / They Them was mashed with Weyermann pilsner malt for the ultimate crispness, some carapils for body, and some Haus Malts honey malt. In the boil, we added Czech Saaz hops and Turkish bay leaves. We chose Turkish, over California bay, because it is more savory in flavor and aroma, and less mentholated. We fermented this beer with our preferred clean ale strain, and that’s about it. Kegged fresh, and ready to drink just in time for Renee’s going away celebration!

A portion of wholesale and pint sales from She / They / Her / Them will be donated to the Abortion Fund of Ohio, in order to help fight to keep abortion legal & accessible in these uncertain times.

Sensory Profile: An incredibly enticing savory aroma not often found in beer…it’s really interesting to let bay express itself as the major aromatic component (which doesn’t often happen in cooking, let alone beer). Hard to describe, but really really good. Herbaceous, slightly minty, peppery, light lemon. Flavor has a light tartness, balanced towards malt with a light sweetness and very low hop bitterness, and complex bay leaf flavor. Very clean and crisp with light tartness on the finish. Highly drinkable.

5.7% ABV, gluten reduced.

Blonde ale with Turkish bay leaves ABV 5.7 %