When European brewers first started brewing in America with our native “six-row” barley, they found it had more husk, and therefore more husky flavor, than the European “two-row” barley they were used to. To reduce the husky flavors, they cut in a portion of corn, which has no husk at all. These beers were not the watered-down lagers you see in 24 packs today. They closely resembled their European cousins.

Our “pre-prohibition pilsner” uses Ohio-grown & malted barley, and 20% malted corn by weight. It is one of the only beers we make sure to use European noble hops in, because to us, it just doesn’t taste right without a generous dose of German Hallertau or Czech Saaz hops. It’s a light, refreshing, unfiltered pilsner with a lot of hop character, and a touch of corn flavor, if you know where to look.

Pre-prohibition style American pilsner ABV 4.9 %