Saison du Poisson was our first beer ever brewed at Little Fish, and over the years it has undergone many iterations and evolutions. The latest batch to be bottled is 100% Ohio-grown, and not only that, it was brewed with hops grown and harvested entirely from our hop arbor here at the brewery.

Saison du Poisson is mashed with a base of Ohio barley and spelt from Haus Malts, and this batch is hopped in the kettle with a blend of homegrown Crystal, Chinook, Riwaka, and other hop varieties. It’s fermented in stainless with saison yeast and our house mixed cultures, and bottle / keg conditioned for months before release.

A tribute to the sour / bitter beers of Belgium, brewing with whole-cone wet hops, and the terroir of Southeast Ohio.

Mixed-fermentation saison ABV 6.5 %Available In Asset 4