100% Ohio-grown saison with wildflower honey

Poisson Grand is the strongest of our line of saisons (consisting of Petit Poisson, Saison du Poisson, and Poisson Grand). The name means “Big Fish”, in French.

The mash consists of Haus Malts pilsner & pale, and “honey” barley malt, wheat and oat malts. The hops vary a lot based on availability, but the latest batch, brewed in February 2023, was brewed with Auburn Acres Comet for bittering, and Ohio Valley Hops Crystal for aroma. Wildflower honey is added at the end of the boil.

It’s fermented clean and dry with our preferred blend of saison yeasts, and served fresh on draft.

Flavor Profile: Hazy deep gold in color. Aroma of bubblegum, vanilla, light clove, meadow flowers and fresh-cut grass. A light honey / malt sweetness in the first sip. Effervescent, with a dry and pleasantly bitter finish.

7.5% abv, gluten reduced.


100% Ohio-grown saison with honey ABV 7.5 %