“Pinche Guey” is a Mexican Spanish expression that is sort of an “affectionate insult” to a buddy. It’s also the name of our Mexican hot chocolate, spirit barrel-aged stout. 2022’s blend is composed of the same threads of imperial stout as Moonville 2022, but at different ratios, and is then infused in the blending tank with whole cacao nibs, whole vanilla beans, ancho chiles, and Cassia cinnamon. Oh yeah, and we added more lactose for a sweeter beer with a bigger body.

Flavor Profile: Mexican hot chocolate (cinnamon, cocoa, spice, vanilla), wet bourbon barrel, burnt raisin, and a solidly sweet finish. Alcohol-warming, low bitterness.

spirit barrel-aged Mexican chocolate imperial stout ABV 12 %Available In Asset 4 Asset 3