Barrel-aged Mexican Chocolate imperial milk stout.

“Pinche Guey” is a Mexican slang expression that’s not easy to translate, but it’s used in the world of professional restaurants (where I encountered it) as an “affectionate insult” to a friend. Pinche Guey (the beer) is our riff on a strong and velvety Mexican chocolate stout. 2023’s batch is a blend of imperial milk stout, aged in Heaven Hill and Basil Hayden bourbon barrels for 18 months. After blending, it was infused with whole cacao nibs,vanilla beans, ancho chiles, chile de arbol, and Cassia cinnamon.

Flavor Profile: Mexican hot chocolate (cinnamon, cocoa, spice, vanilla), wet bourbon barrel, burnt raisin, and a solidly sweet finish. Alcohol-warming, low bitterness.

13.5% ABV, not gluten reduced, contains lactose.

barrel-aged Mexican chocolate imperial milk stout ABV 13.5 %Available In Asset 4 Asset 3