Mexican-style light lager

Translation: “Relaxed Fish”.

Pronunciation: the J sounds like an H in English.

Certainly the lightest and crispiest lager we have made to date! (July 2023). Grist of Weyermann Pilsner and flaked maize. Hopped ever so lightly with Hallertauer. Fermented to dryness with our preferred lager strain, and lagered for as long as we could wait!

At the taprooms, we serve it with an optional lime and/or spicy pepper garnish. You can get it with either, or both, or neither!

Flavor: Light sweet pilsner malt and a hint of corn. A hint of bitterness and noble hop aroma. A little more robust and flavorful than a Tecate or Modelo Light…more crafty, but still eminently drinkable.

5.7% ABV, gluten reduced.

Mexican-style light lager ABV 5.7% ABV %