Mexican lager with lime, cuke, and jalapeño .

Pescado Enojado* is a flavored variation of our straight-up Mexican lager, Pescado Relajado. We added freshly juiced and zested limes, fresh cucumbers, and jalapeño peppers straight to the bright tank. It’s a super-fun culinary combination that promises to be crushable in quantity, for summer grill sessions, yardwork days, beach days, picnics and anything else you can think of.

Tasting notes: Clean lager base, very low bitterness, fresh cuke, light lime with a bit of acidity, and light to moderate heat (depending on your tolerance level).

5.6% abv, gluten reduced.

*Translates to “Angry Fish”, but there is a slight, intentional mis-translation here: “Pescado” means fish meat in spanish, “Pez” is the word for a live fish.

Mexican lager with lime, cuke, and jalapeño ABV 5.6 %Available In Asset 3