“Reinheitsgewhat!?” is a series of beers inspired by German Berliner weisse. However, it leaves the malt-hops-water-yeast constrictions of the Reinheitsgebot behind. We actually use no hops, but rely on acidity and interesting herbs or spices to provide a counterbalance to the beer’s sweetness. Many, but not all, contain fruit.

This batch was barrel aged for 3 months on passionfruit and de-seeded habanero peppers, for a super juicy and tropical profile. It’s not too spicy, think 2 stars out of 5 on a Thai food menu. It also contains coriander, grains of paradise, chamomile, and a full array of souring bacteria and wild yeast.


Tart wheat ale brewed with passionfruit, habanero peppers, and spices ABV 5 %