This long-titled beer is the first beer we have released that used a significant portion of hops grown right on our trellises in the Little Fish green space. We harvested our vines fresh, and with the help of volunteers, we picked 45 pounds of fresh wet hops for the next day’s brew. Our friend Dave Volkman from Ohio Valley Hops also drove over to bring us an additional 45 pounds of wet hops picked that day. We brewed a smooth, black base beer using, Sinamar to get the least acrid roast flavor possible, and hopped the hell out of it at the end of the boil with 90 pounds of fresh hops, using the mash tun as a giant hop back. We fermented it with Sachromyces yeast isolated from a “wild capture” in our green space. This beer is full of flavor from the malts, hops, and of course this specialty yeast. It will probably never be brewed again, at least not in quite the same way!

Fresh-hopped black saison ABV 6.3 %