Hoppy S.M.a.S.H. Beer

Another one-off hoppy beer with a name referencing one of our favorite sketch shows. If you know the show, you’re in the cool club ; ) .

“No Good Car Ideas” is a Single Malt and Single Hop ale: mashed with only Haus Malts Ohio-grown pilsner malt, and hopped in the kettle (and dry hop) with a hop that’s new to us, HBC 1019: A yet-to-be-named experimental hop with flavor notes of “honeydew melon, peaches, tropical fruit, candy, coconut, orange.” We fermented this one with our preferred blend of clean ale yeast.

The hop is a lot like Sabro: rather punchy and bursting with coconut character. Very “beachy” vibes. Try it, you’ll like it!…Or at least think that it is incredibly different.

Flavor Profile: Hazy pale straw color. Aroma bursting with coconut hop-derived character and backed up by a melange of other citrusy fruits. Flavor is clean and almost crisp, with very low bitterness. Hop character is prevalent throughout the drinking experience.

5% ABV, gluten reduced.



Hoppy S.M.a.S.H Beer ABV 5 %