Barrel-aged sour red ale with Montmorency & Balaton cherries.

A lot of folks might not be aware of this, but Little Fish co-owners Sean & Jimmy spent a lot of their youth playing fantasy role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons together. These games often don’t get the credit they deserve for helping young adults develop important life skills, such as team building, creative problem solving, and the slaying of evil non-player characters such as trolls and wyverns.

In D&D, a roll of “natural 20” on a 20 sided die means that you automatically ace whatever you are doing. If it’s an attack, it’s a “critical hit”, and does extra damage. If you are rolling to save yourself or execute a difficult maneuver, you do it perfectly. That’s what we want this beer to be: a graceful, perfectly executed sour ale—a “critical hit” to your taste buds!


Flavor Profile: Bright pie cherry nose, with moderate aged hop “funk”. “Medium-high” on the sourness spectrum. Flavor is very akin to a heavily fruited Belgian lambic: The wine barrel-aged blond ale is like a pallet for the cherries to float upon. Finish is dry, tart, and tannic, from both wood & fruit skin.


Wine barrel aged sour ale with Montmorency and Balaton cherries ABV 7 %