Hoppy Belgian table beer.

Sometimes you brew a collab that turns out so good, you want to make it a part of your semi-regular beer rotation. That’s certainly the case for this lovely little table beer that we originally brewed with our friend Vaughn Stewart from Bookhouse Brewing in Cleveland, Ohio (check out his book shop-themed taproom if you’re in the area; it’s amazing).

This beer is inspired by hoppy/bitter Belgian ales like Teras Boulba from De La Seine, and XX Bitter from De Ranke (while staying on the lower alcohol and bitterness side of those examples).

Mythic Manuscript’s grist is all-Ohio: Haus Malts 2-row barley, and emmer, a rustic wheat variety. It’s hopped in the kettle with American Crystal and Czech Saaz. After fermentation with “Jovaru” yeast (a very subtle farmhouse yeast with peppery notes), we dry hop it with more Saaz.

Flavor Profile: Subtle fruit, clove and pepper phenols, spicy noble hops, low, slightly sweet malt. Moderate bitterness, dry, clean finish.

4.7% ABV, gluten reduced.

Hoppy Belgian table beer ABV 4.7 %