Maker of Things is our American take on a Belgian Flanders red ale. This beer ages in a fleet of foeders (large-format wine barrels). When Maker is mature, we pull off a portion of each foeder (ususally a third), and refill it with freshly fermented red base. In this way, we achieve a continuity of flavor, age, and deeper soulfulness to the beer.

Maker of things is bottle conditioned for at least two months before release, and each bottling will be slightly different, so keep a bottle (cellar temperature) for a vertical tasting! It should last at least 3-5 years.

Flavor Profile: Medium-high on the sour spectrum, wine-like, cherry & raspberry aromas, wet oak, low bitterness. Dry finish.






Sour red ale aged in an oak foeder. ABV 8.5 %Available In Asset 4 Asset 3