Maker of Things is our American take on a Belgian Flanders style red ale: Malty, sour, and fruity, with a nice funk complexity. This beer ages in a continuous, one-vessel “solera” process, souring in our 930 gallon American oak foeder made by Foeder Crafters. When Maker is mature, we pull off a portion of it (ususally a third), and refill the foeder with freshly fermented red base. Only every few years or so will we quickly empty the foeder, rinse it out to get rid of any excess yeast buildup, and then refill it with the same beer.

Maker of things is bottle conditioned for at least two months before release, and each bottling will be slightly different, as the base recipe changes ever so slightly, and the average age of the beer in the foeder becomes older and older. Cool!




Sour red ale aged in an oak foeder. ABV 8.5 %Available In Asset 4