German-style Kölsch

“Krüllsch” is our crushable kölsch (a light German ale style originating from the region of Cologne). It’s not very hoppy, but has a light bitterness and a light floral/spicy noble hop presence. Though light in color, it’s mostly malt-focused. It’s an ale, but it’s fermented with a special German ale yeast at cooler temps, and then cold-lagered. You get a little more fruit ester than you might from a lager, but just a touch.

There’s not much else to really say about it, other than the name is a hat-tip to “Krull”, an unintentionally silly sci-fantasy from the 80’s that we loved as children…we didn’t realize how comically corny it was at the time! From time to time, we play the movie Krull in the taproom and offer Kölsch service: small 6 oz. “staubes” or tube-shaped glasses of Krüllsch, served to you in a special tray, just like they would do in Cologne. Notches are marked on your coaster for how many glasses you drink, and you pay when you are finished based on those notches. It’s pretty fun! Especially when paired with a ridiculous movie and friendly company.

Flavor Profile: Pale clear blond with a white head. Light, malty pilsner aroma with a touch of fruity yeast esters and herbal Hallertau hops. Flavor is clean, crisp, and not very bitter. Designed to drink in quantity in warm weather.

5% ABV, Gluten Reduced.

German-style kolsch ABV 5 %