(This beer has a great story…) Even before we opened Little Fish, we always wanted to sponsor a homebrew competition with a “Brewers’ Choice” award. Now every year, for the Ohio Brew Week homebrew competition, we choose one of the twenty-some beers from the best of show table to scale up and brew at our brewery, with the homebrewer who made it. In 2015, our first year, our Brewers’ Choice also happened to be the best of show-winning beer, a beautiful Vienna lager made by Eric Carman.

The first time we brewed Eric’s recipe, with his help, the result was NOT as good as his homebrew. The recipe has morphed over the years into its own thing, but we still want to honor Eric’s contribution to the project. At this point it’s probably more of a Marzen / Oktoberfest, if you want to get technical, but we don’t really use those terms because they are too linked to a specific season. We want to brew and drink Karmanfest year-round!

Flavor Profile: Very bready, malty aroma, clean, crisp lager fermentation profile, with almost no hop aroma. Rich, malt-forward flavor, low bitterness, medium body, dry finish. Perfect for cooler weather, but crisp and light enough for any time of the year.

5.6% ABV, gluten reduced

Malty amber fest lager ABV 5.6 %Available In Asset 3