100% Ohio-grown saison in the “hoppy saison” archetype.
We like to know our farmers personally. We are very partial to Auburn Acres hops, grown by Jeff & Shari Bailey. Coincidentally, we also work with Jeff & Sherri Gochnauer, who own and operate Sugar Creek Valley Farm, and grow 2-row Scala barley, which is then malted by our friends at Haus Malts.
Jeffs & Sherries is mashed with just pale, pils, and Vienna Malt grown by Jeff & Sherri Gochnauer, and hopped with Triple Pearl, Comet, and Chinook grown by Jeff & Shari Bailey. Fermented with our preferred “clean” saison yeast blend.
Flavor Profile: Citrus and bubblegum nose, with light peppery / clovey phenols. Very light malt flavor, a fluffy, high-carbonation mouthfeel, and a dry finish. Medium-light bitterness, spicy hop finish.
100% Ohio-grown saison ABV 6.4 %