Hazy I.P.A. brewed with lactose sugar for extra body and a slight sweetness. As with all of our hazy I.P.A.’s, we start with a mash of Haus Malts Ohio-grown barley, wheat, and oats. To be honest, the hops can rotate on this beer, based on availability and our momentary whims, but they’ll be the best stuff we can get from the Pacific Northwest and “Down Under”. Not too thicc. Just enough of that magic white cow sugar to make it smoother than a pair of fur-lined house slippers…

Flavor Profile: Juicy hops jumping out of the glass, with citrus and a touch of coconut. Very balanced flavor, with just a touch of bitterness, fluffy malts, and light sweetness. Finish comes back to the hops, with a fresh hop bag, coconut, and a slightly spicy finish, but never “burny”.



Hazy I.P.A. / Lactose I.P.A. ABV 6.7 %