“Homey” is our kvass-inspired, “light” sour ale. Kvass is a fermented bread drink that originates from Eastern Europe. It is usually less than 1% alcohol by volume, which is why we prefer to call this a “kvass-inspired” instead of just “kvass”.*

Homey is mashed with Ohio-grown pilsner malt, and over a hundred pounds of bread that we bake in-house.

It is not hopped at all, but it gets a little salt in the boil kettle, which adds a little more of a bread-like, savory quality to the finished beer.

We ferment this entirely with a wild-captured sourdough culture, originally obtained from our friends down the road at The Village Bakery. It’s fermented entirely in stainless steel, and it completes fermentation very quickly for a sour beer: in about 3 weeks.

The end result is a light, quenching, summery, simple sour beer that comes in at only 3.3%. It’s SO drinkable! We serve this in a 20 oz. imperial pint, because, that’s what your going to want to drink it in.

*Much thanks to our homie Todd Boera, of Fonta Flora Brewery, for showing us the ways of the kvass back in 2017!



Kvass-inspired sour ale ABV 3.3 %