Kvass-inspired mixed-culture ale.

Kvass, a sour, lightly-fermented, bread-based beverage of Eastern European origin, is a fascinating liquid that we love to explore. Kvass would have been traditionally made with sourdough bread and fermented with similar cultures. And to us, nothing embodies a feeling of “home” more than a rustic, hearth-baked loaf of bread.“Homey” starts in our kitchen, where we bake over 100 pounds of crusty sourdough bread for each batch. This bread makes up a large part of Homey’s mash (which also includes Ohio pilsner and spelt malts). After a boil with a light hop addition (Ohio Saaz for this batch), Homey ferments with our house sourdough cultures and our brewery’s mixed cultures in stainless steel. The most recent batch, bottled on 11/23/22, also spent 10 months maturing in a French oak, ex-chardonnay barrel. We then packaged & bottle-conditioned that single barrel, resulting in a light but very complex, slightly salty beer with an aroma of fresh yeast and bread crusts.

Flavor profile: Bright acidity, light savory character from sea salt, barrel character, no real funk to speak of. Extremely refreshing and quaffable.

4% abv, not gluten reduced.

Kvass-inspired mixed culture ale ABV 4 %