Home Slice was brewed with true friends and comrades of the local foods movement. Todd, head brewer and partner at Fonta Flora, shared his expertise in brewing kvass (fermented bread) inspired beers. Christine and Bob, of The Village Bakery, provided us with a whopping 275 pounds of organic sourdough bread, and a sourdough starter with which we fermented the beer. We brewed the beer at Little Fish, with juniper collected from down the road. It was aged in wine and gin barrels for four months, and bottle conditioned. Enjoy with friends and some crusty artisan bread.


Ingredients (all Ohio, except North Carolina rye malt): Hausmalts pilsner malt, Riverbend rye malt, Village Bakery bread, juniper branches and berries.

Kvass-inspired barrel-aged sour ale ABV 4 %