Dark Mild Ale

A Collaboration with Jackie O’s Brewery.

Hit Clips is just one-half of a 2 beer collaboration brew day that we kicked off at Jackie O’s on March 27th, 2024. It’s the first to be released of the 2 collabs, but it’s more of the “bonus track” of a super fun and intensive brew day.

Our main goal was to brew a batch of imperial stout, destined to age in apple brandy barrels, with the intention of releasing for Jackie O’s 20th anniversary in 2026. We started this brew at the Jackie O’s production facility on Stimson Avenue, and we brewed 20 barrels.

But that’s not where we stopped. After running off most of the strongest wort to the 20 barrel brew kettle at Jackie O’s, we also collected a full 12 barrel tote of weaker runnings from the same mash, in a historic brew process called parti-gyle brewing. We drove that wort over to Little Fish and transfered it to our 10 barrel system, where it was boiled with English hops and fermented with English ale yeast.

The result is a dark brown, dark dried fruit & tobacco-ey aroma, slightly roasty, dark mild ale that would fit in at any British pub and be drank in quantity at the end of a long work day (or with lunch). The full flavor finishes with a dry, roasty bite that keeps the beer refreshing enough for multiple pints.

3.2% ABV, Gluten Reduced.

Dark Mild Ale - Collab with Jackie O's ABV 3.2 %Available In Asset 3