Hoppy S.M.a.S.H ale

Revived and renewed…our super popular “Gus S.M.a.S.H.” got Southern hemisphere a glow-up! Version 2.0 has arrived.

The only change is the hop we use. We switched out the Michigan Cashmere with New Zealand Nelson Sauvin (now that we can actually afford it. We used to not be able to find Nelson for less than $25 a pound. Now it’s closer to $15, and we have it on contract).

The malt bill is all Ohio-grown Haus Malts pilsner malt. The hops are all Nelson in the kettle. Fermented to dryness with our preferred ale strain and dry-hopped with more Nelson, one of our seriously all-time favorite hops (along with Mosaic and Czech Saaz).

Flavor Profile. Supremely crushable, light and incidentally hazy. Hop aroma of gooseberry, sauvignon blanc grapes, juicy tropical fruits. Low-moderate bitterness, light malt sweetness and a dry finish. A beer you can keep coming back to, pint after pint.

5.5% ABV Gluten-reduced.



Hoppy S.M.a.S.H. ale ABV 5.5 %