This 100% Ohio-grown farmhouse ale is inspired by the local ingredients (both foraged and grown) available in the month of November. We don’t really do the “pumpkin beer” thing, or at least, we don’t do an early fall seasonal that tastes mostly of pumpkin pie spices. But pumpkins can be used in other beers as well.

Gambolier is what we would call a “field beer”. It’s made with vegetables and other things you would find in a field in Ohio: locally grown organic pie pumpkins and baby ginger from Green Edge Gardens, wild chicory root that we harvested from our land (hard work!), Ohio barley, oats, triticale, and Nugget hops. It all blends into an easy to drink farmhouse ale that is not as wacky as some of the ingredients may lead you to believe.

“Gambol”, in case you are curious, means to walk or to frolic in a field. So a Gambolier is one who folics in a field.

Field beer with pumpkins, ginger, and chicory ABV 4.7 %