We brewed this very balanced, old-school pale ale with fresh, wet hops from our hop arbor, just steps outside our brewery in Athens Ohio. The malts used were Haus Malts pale, honey, and caramel 90. Bittering hops were Auburn Acres Triple Pearl & Comet. Towards the end of the boil, we added over 30 pounds of fresh Riwaka, Crystal, and E’desem. Fermented with a fruity, but fairly neutral kveik yeast.

Flavor Profile: Very balanced, with herbal hops on the nose, light honey and caramel malt notes, and fruity esters. Easy-drinkin’, old-school American pale ale, with herbal and slightly citrusy hop notes. Very sessionable.


Pale Ale with estate wet hops ABV 5.3 %Available In Asset 3