Down Bathyscope is an oak-aged Czech pilsner, brewed with the finest Weyermann pilsner malt, Czech Saaz hops, and fermented cold, with our preferred lager strain.

The first batch of Down Bathyscope was lagered in French oak wine puncheons, but since then, we have found a method that works better for us: We hand-toast American white oak barrel staves from Speyside Cooperage in Jackson, Ohio, and condition the beer on these staves in the bright tank. This way, we are picking up the exact amount of oak flavor and mouthfeel we want every time, and we aren’t bothering with barrels, which can harbor microorganisms, and be somewhat unpredictable as to how much oak flavor they contribute, and how long it takes to transfer into the beer.


Flavor Profile: Classic pilsner aroma and flavor, with a moderate, toasty American oak flavor and mouthfeel. Moderate bitterness, medium-bodied, crisp finish.

Czech Pilsner aged on American oak ABV 5.5 %Available In Asset 3