Dear Science was the first hazy I.P.A. we brewed at Little Fish that uses a special strain of yeast, which was experimental at the time, but is now commonly accepted in the world of craft brewing. A “thiolized” yeast is a normal brewing yeast that has been ever so slightly genetically modified, to heavily express a trait found in many, but not all yeasts: The ability to release “bound thiols” found in malt and hops.

Thiols are the family of aroma compounds responsible for some of our favorite aromas in beers, especially hoppy / hazy beer. Aromas like passionfruit, guava, and mango, to name a few. They can be present in malt and hops both as “free” (detectable on the palate) and “bound” (not detectable on the palate). A thiolized yeast is able to cleave bound thiols from proteins, allowing them to be detected by the human palate, and increasing the juicy / tropical flavors and aromas we seek out in these beers.

Dear Science is mashed with our “standard” Hazy I.P.A. grist of Ohio barley, wheat, and oats, plus a little carapils and flaked oats. It’s hopped in a “cool” 175 Fahrenheit whirlpool with Ekuanot and Mosaic, and after fermentation, dry-hopped with Idaho 7, Galaxy and Sabro. Fermented with Omega’s “Helio Gazer”, thiolized British ale strain.

Flavor Profile: Ripe, punchy aroma full of passionfruit, citrus, melon, and a multitude of other fruits. Soft mouthfeel, light malt flavor. Layers of hop flavor: juicy, tropical, freshly-opened hop bag, . Low bitterness with a spicy hop finish.

6.9% ABV, Gluten Reduced


Hazy I.P.A. ABV 6.9% %Available In Asset 3