American Saison

Here’s a fun little number that combines the juicy, bubblegum character of Belgian saison yeast, with the tropical notes of new American hops. This is NOT a Belgian I.P.A.; It’s a saison with Citra hops. While there is bitterness, it’s in line with traditional hoppy saisons. While it is dry hopped, the rates are much closer to Belgian farmhouse ales than American hoppy beer.

This mish-mash of influences starts with a base of Haus Malts Ohio pale barley malt. There’s a little bit of dextrose (white sugar) in the kettle for extra dryness. And Citra hops both in the kettle and dry hop. We ferment Dag-Burn Contraption with Jovaru yeast, which is a farmhouse strain that we prize for its robust fermentation qualities, yet restrained character. It leaves more room for the hops to shine. This is a great beer for a warm weather grill-out, a river float, or a riding lawnmower session.

Flavor Profile: Juicy-fruit, citrus, melon aromas. Highly drinkable and dry, with some light but noticeable bitterness. Very dry finish that invites the next sip!

6.4% ABV, not gluten reduced.

American Saison ABV 6.4 %Available In Asset 3