Traditional-process sour blonde ale

In the spring of 2019, the crew of Jackie O’s and Little Fish slipped on their boat shoes and brewed a very traditional wort, consisting of the finest Ohio two-row malted barley, organic Ohio Red Fife wheat, and a combination of attic-aged and traditionally-dried hops.

After cooling overnight in the Little Fish’s coolship, sails unfurled in the open air, the wort was transferred into neutral wine barrels from the Jackie O’s sour program, and pitched with house mixed cultures from both breweries. There it drifted, for 37 months, until the crew deemed it worthy to package.

Finally now, we cross the finish line of this voyage together, with high-fives all around, celebrating friendship and a sense of shared goals. We present to you: Coolship Regatta!

Flavor Profile: Complex and lambic-like aroma, with a mild whiff of acetic acid. Aged hops add notes of pineapple and barnyard. Flavor balance is sweet & sour, acids present as refreshing and invite the next sip. Medium mouthfeel with noticeable oak tannin, and some toasted French oak flavor as well.

6.5% ABV, not gluten reduced

Traditional-process sour blonde ale ABV 6.5 %