Imperial Milk Stout with coconut & coffee.

A fun new riff on an imperial stout that we love to brew. We start with a base of mostly Ohio grains, supplemented with the best caramel and roasted malts we can find. We add lactose (dietary warning: milk-derived sugar) in the kettle because it adds wonderful body (ale yeast can’t ferment it). It’s hopped lightly in order to keep the balance desserty.

To this batch, we added coconut puree and locally-roasted Ridge Runner Honduran medium-roast organic coffee. A perfect cold-weather warmer type of beer!

Flavor Profile: Intense coconut and coffee layered over thick creamy stout. Dessert time!

10.7% ABV, gluten reduced, contains lactose

Imperial Milk Stout with coconut and coffee ABV 10.7 %