We are fascinated by the commonalities between sour beer brewing and winemaking. Both rely on the subtleties of terroir, nuances from oak aging, and plenty of patience.

More importantly, we have learned that sour beer and wine grapes can meld together into an exceptional drinking experience.

This mixed-culture saison was brewed with Ohio-grown barley and oats, malted by our friends at Haus Malts, flaked oats, and a light dose of Meridian hops. It was fermented entirely in 500 liter oak wine barrels, called puncheons, and enjoyed an extended secondary fermentation on Pinot Noir & Syrah grape must (without skins). It was naturally bottle & keg conditioned.

Flavor Profile: Medium on the sourness spectrum, champagne-like, oaky, low “funk”, very dry finish.


Barrel aged, mixed-ferm saison with pinot noir & syrah must ABV 7.25% %Available In Asset 4