“Bike Beer!”, our hoppy red ale brewed with Simcoe, Cascade, and Centennial hops, was first brewed to celebrate the opening of the bike path spur that links our road, Armitage Road, to the Hocking Adena Bikeway.

The Hocking Adena Bikeway is a 21 mile, virtually flat trail that follows an old railroad bed from the East side of Athens, through Eclipse (an old mining town revived as a business center), and ends in Nelsonville. All three of the Athens breweries, and one Cidery, are right off the bike path. Further North, it links to the Eclipse Beer Hall, in Eclipse, and Multiple Brewing, in Nelsonville.

For more information on biking around the local breweries by bike path, check out Brewed on the Bikeway.

Here’s a downloadable version of the official Brewed on the Bikeway Map (also available at the breweries).

Hoppy red ale ABV 6 %