Beet-infused, pilsner-esque beer.

The myriad folks who have requested a re-make of our 2019 “Beats on Repeat” finally wore me down, lol. I (Sean) told them I couldn’t do an entire 10 barrel batch of beet-infused beer, but that I would make a couple kegs for them!

“Beets by Request” is a 25 gallon batch of beer infusion that spent 48 hours on organic, peeled and grated beets. It soaked up a lot of their earthy, slightly sweet flavor, and so much of their color, as you’ll see if you order it! The beer we chose to infuse was the 2023 Estate Fresh Hop Kveik, a pilsnery and clean farmhouse ale made with hops we grew right here at Little Fish.

5.7% ABV, gluten-reduced.

Beet-infused Pilsner-esque beer ABV 5.7 %