Belgian Quad

2024’s batch of Balaclava is honestly….stronger than anticipated, by about 1.5% ABV. We had a great extract on the mash, and the Belgian yeast really went to town on all those fermentable sugars. Sip carefully; it’s sitting at 11% ABV.

Balaclava is our take on a Belgian Dark Strong ale. 2024’s brew was mashed with a blend of specialty European malts, and dark candi syrup was added to the boil. It was hopped lightly, and spiced a bit towards the end of the boil with ginger, coriander, star anise, and nutmeg. A truly unique brew that we expect to change with age.

Tasting Notes: Dark amber with bright clarity. Dark fruit, slight bubble gum aroma. Deep caramel & candi sugar flavor up-front, moderate bitterness, light spice contribution, warming alcohols.


Belgian Quad ABV 11 %