Fresh / Wet Hop, West Coast I.P.A.

2023’s Wet Hop I.P.A. utilizes some fantastic Ohio-grown Chinook hops, grown by Jeff & Shari Bailey of Auburn Acres Hop Farm. 60 pounds of freshly picked and never-dried Chinook went into the boil. The mash bill was mostly Ohio grown and malted by Haus Malts, with a little Briess Carapils for body. Fermentation courtesy “Chico” ale yeast. For dry hops, we went with Pacific Northwest-grown Simcoe and Centennial.

This I.P.A. really came together and honestly, regardless of fresh hopping, we think it’s one of the best West Coasts we’ve ever made.

Flavor Profile: Brilliant clarity. Resiny but clean bitterness. Tropical, grapefruit, pine & dank hop notes. Very clean and easy to drink.

6.7% ABV, Gluten-reduced

Wet Hop I.P.A. ABV 6.7 %