We brew a special batch of beer every year for the Athens International Film and Video Festival, currently in its 45th consecutive year. In keeping with the spirit of independent and experimental film, we try to really push out boundaries on this beer, and brew something with ingredients that are new to us. This year’s beer is an “Oyster Mushroom Stout”, marking our first time ever brewing with mushrooms, and indulging our love of a good pun (traditional oyster stouts are beers brewed with oysters and/or oyster shells).

Under the auspices of a velvety nitro stout lies an earthy, woody flavor from almost one pound per gallon of organic oyster mushrooms from Green Edge Gardens, and a touch of sea salt. Our first, but surely not our last, mushroom beer!

Nitro stout with oyster mushrooms and sea salt ABV 5.3 %