Quick-sour wheat ale with apricot & spices.

Our “Reinheitsgewhat!?” series of sour ales is our equivalent to the ubiquitous “kettle sour”. We don’t sour these beers in the kettle, rather, we use a type of wild-isolated yeast called Lachancea to quickly ferment and produce lactic acid in 2-3 weeks. Much quicker than mixed-fermentation souring, but definitely less complex. Still, it makes a great beer, especially as a base for fruiting and spicing.

Apricot Reinheitsgewhat!? is mashed with Haus Malts pale and wheat malt, boiled with just a smidge of hops, and lightly spiced with coriander, chamomile, and grains of paradise. After a primary fermentation (during which the sourness develops) we add generous amount of apricot puree, and the yeast ferments that too. It’s a really great “entry-level” sour beer, or everyday drinker, if you will.

Flavor Profile: Moderate on the sourness spectrum. Very light malt, fresh apricot, light floral herbs, almost no bitterness. Crisp finish.

4.2% ABV, gluten reduced.



"Quick Sour" wheat ale with apricot and spices ABV 4.2 %