Sour blonde ale, in the tradition of Belgian Lambic.

In 2019, we started a lifelong project and aspiration to brew beer in the tradition of Belgian Lambic, using ingredients local to us, and spontaneously fermented with indigenous microflora. This beer is the first-ever release from that program. Turbid-mashed with Ohio-grown barley, and raw Ohio Red Fife wheat. Boiled for 3 hours with attic-aged, whole-cone hops. Cooled overnight in our coolship, and fermented in oak puncheons, with only the microflora that found its way in through the air and equipment.

Batch 1 is not a blend, but consists of a single, 500 liter puncheon of beer brewed in February, 2019. Other than younger spontaneous beer used to refill the barrel’s evaporation loss, no other beer was blended in. It has been bottle & keg conditioning for months, and is now ready to share with you.

Flavor Profile: Complex aroma with wine and oak notes, slightly cheesy aged hops, and a bright fruity note. Flavor is moderate acid, some aged hop bitterness, and wine and oak character. So much to find in this beer…it’s difficult to put into words. We’ll leave plenty of room for you to make your own associations.


6.25% abv, not gluten reduced.

Spontaneous fermentation, barrel-aged sour ale ABV 6.25 %