Pilsner-esque farmhouse ale with homegrown hops

We had a GREAT hop harvest this year. This estate-hopped beer uses whole-cone, dried hops grown by Sean, just steps away from our patio beer garden in Athens, Ohio. Dave Volkman of Ohio Valley Hops (Maineville, Ohio) helped us pick and dry our harvest. Thanks again, Dave!!!

Mashed with Rahr Northstar pilsner malt. A small addition of Auburn Acres Triple Pearl for bittering. A large (for a pilsner) flavor and aroma addition of whole-cone Chinook and Riwaka in the kettle. Fermented with Lutra kveik yeast.

Flavor Profile: Clean, bitter, thirst-quenching. Lager-like, but with some fruity notes from the yeast and hops. An all-day drinker.

5.7% ABV, gluten reduced




Estate-hopped, pilsner-esque farmhouse ale ABV 5.7 %Available In Asset 3